Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Projects

Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July! My husband and I got to spend some time on the lake today with close family friends and his parents. It was a nice and relaxing day.

Now even though it was a relaxing day, I did accomplish a few things. After looking for custom buttons that would link back to my page, I decided to design my very own. It took me a while to figure out the design and how to add it to my page, but I found some great tutorials. I also upgraded my Teacher Pay Teachers account so I can now sell some things!

Now I know I told you I would share some of my projects that I have been working on this summer. So here it goes...

Now for my very first project that I'm really proud of. Everyone has seen the teacher toolboxes on Pinterest lately. So I had to go out and by one because I will not be having a desk in my room this year.
I liked this one better because of the big drawers. I spray painted it brown then printed the labels off on my cute scrapbook paper and then used double sided tape. You can get the labels at my store.

Next project was a container to keep sharpened pencils in during the day. I don't want my students wasting time sharpening their pencil during class. I found the idea on Pinterest. 
Now all the shavings will be in the container and not dumped on the floor. :) By the way you can get the labels in my store for FREE just click on the picture!

Well those are the only projects I'm going to share now! I will save the rest for some other time. :)


  1. LOVE your toolbox! I want to make one of those too! Thanks for sharing! Loving your new blog!

    First Grade OWLS

  2. Thank you! I started following your blog as well and updated mine that way people can follow.

  3. Hey! I'm your first follower, I think!!! Or maybe not. Either way, I'm following you! Have a great rest of your summer!
    The Caffeinated Classroom